Sweet Jamaican Music is favourite with the listeners

13th September, 2015

Currently Sweet Jamaican Music is top of listener’s choice on Soundcloud with nearly 400 plays.

Mrs Wishy Washy comes in 2nd with 50% fewer plays, then it’s a close call between Magic Everywhere and Sing our Festival Song.

It’s funny how things turn out – I would not have expected Sweet Jamaican Music to come out top but it’s great to know that it’s being enjoyed some lots of people somewhere!



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Mr Myles joins Goldsmiths University research project

27th July, 2015

Mr Myles is delighted to be working with Lauren Stewart from Goldsmiths who is the professor and co-director of the MSc course, ‘Music, Mind & Brain’.

People invited to complete a survey will receive a free download to some songs for their babies and toddlers to enjoy, thanking them for their time. The songs are a selection from The Wishy Washy Songbook as well as a number of new ones, perfectly suited to this age bracket.

The aim of the project is to give the researchers a clearer picture of how much time is spent using music at home to aid children’s development as well as looking at links to language development in toddlers. This is something I am hugely passionate about and can not stress the importance of playing music in the home. This should be varied and not always (what we may think as being) age-appropriate; yes children will and should learn Twinkle, Twinkle as well what the wheels, the horn, the mummies & daddies do on that bus! But there are a lot of other genres and songs out there too (cue Mr Myles Music for example!) and classical music should not be overlooked as it provides fantastic contrast and colour. As children grow up, it can serve as a perfect accompaniment to a drawing or story, fuelling the child’s staggering imagination.

I wish Lauren and her team at Goldsmiths lots of luck with their on-going research and I hope that my music meets new ears in the process!


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Chadlington Children Love Life Outdoors

9th July, 2015

Ready to GoWOW! What a morning!

Setting up in the school hall – a lovely acoustic and plenty of sunshine flooding in.

Year 5 singers from Chadlington Primary School in North Oxfordshire and their fabulous teacher, Mrs Stephens had done a brilliant job of learning the song, Little Wild Things which made my job of pressing record at the right time even easier! We had a warm up and sang a silly collection of made up verses as you might around a campfire with a guitar, to the tune off Drunken Sailor.

The aim of this morning was to record an audio version of the song Little Wild Things which will be used as the backing for tomorrow’s video shoot where the children will be filmed in the woods, generally having fun and doing as many things as possible that appear in the lyrics of the song:

‘getting dirty on our knees, collecting leaves, twigs, sticks, stones, pine cones, busy making dens, damming streams, squelching in mud, swinging on tyres (maybe?), damming streams (perhaps?), eating worms and toasting bugs (definitely!!).

You get the picture.

The children certainly got the message across this morning that they really do ‘love life outdoors’ and tomorrow will focus on the visual aspect.

A special mention to the children who sang the harmony on the recording – it really added an extra dimension to the song and my thanks to everyone for their patience and energy on such a beautiful day.

In full swing

Some more video here of the session but it’s only a sneak preview as the final film (with today’s singing) will be ready in the next few weeks. Can’t wait to share it.



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